Resilience & Wellbeing program for First Responders – online program

What is the program about?

The program is a self-paced, interactive video based training program, that teaches real & relevant emotional resilience, coping strategies, & mental wellbeing practices to Emergency Service workers.


Who should take this course?

ALL Emergency Service workers, or those considering a career in the Emergency Services – should take this course! There’s even a lesson for the loved ones / family members of serving officers.

It’s also applicable to Health Care workers who work in an Emergency setting.


Who teaches it?

Di McMath is a former Advance Care Paramedic of almost 15yrs. She left the career in 2015 to pursue a career in Coaching. She’s a best-selling Author in Amazon’s ‘Motivational Business’ category, an NLP Coach Practitioner, & still a current Registered Nurse.


After losing some close colleagues in the Emergency Services; Di felt the need to combine her experience & knowledge of both careers (Paramedic + Coaching) – to come up with a way that officers can keep doing the job they love, for as long as they want, whilst maintaining a healthy mindset & being fulfilled in both their professional & personal lives!


Other benefits that you may not have thought of:

– It could save your relationship, marriage, or sanity oneday

– It’s work related….so it’s tax deductible!


We’d love you to purchase & complete the program, & gain valuable tools and strategies so you can:

‘Keep doing the job you love, for as long as you want,

whilst maintaining a healthy mindset

& being fulfilled in both your professional & personal life!’


Di’s main drive & motivation for this program was to have it easily accessible to ALL officers, with the ultimate goal of helping to decrease the PTSD & suicide rate amongst the industry.

She has a mission to help her fellow ‘Emergency Services Family’ – and that’s what she intends to do.

Want more info?

Sure! Head over to:



*Check with your employer with regards to if this program is able to go towards CQI points.

* ‘Lifetime access’ – means for the life of the website being active.



This program is not intended to replace and current staff support services that are currently available, nor does it intend on acting as a mental health service provider. Participants of the program take part in their own free will, and whilst the program has been created with the best intentions for it’s participants, Platinum Potential take no responsibility for any unforseeable & adverse outcomes as a result of doing this program. It is possible that some topics and events may trigger some emotions for some participants, and it is advised that you seek assistance from a mental health professional such as a GP, psychologist, psychiatrist, or counsellor, should the topics &/or content raise any concerns for you. By clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button, you agree to having read & understood this information. No part of this program may be copied, shared, or reproduced without prior written consent from the Author – (in accordance with Australian Copyright Laws 1968). The online access (login details etc) is not to be shared with anyone other than the officers family members within their household. Failure to comply with any rules set down by Platinum Potential with regards to this program &/or the Facebook group (ie: appropriate behaviour being towards others), may end in you being removed from the program. Platinum Potential reserves the right to alter/change/remove or add any modules or lessons as they deem appropriate.

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