Supporting Emergency Service workers through building stronger mindsets
Final course notes



WHAT is in this lesson?


You’ve completed the program and it’s presumed that you are now better equipped with some tools & strategies to support your mental wellbeing throughout your career & beyond!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the program, & have gained a greater awareness about yourself, some of the potential emotional risks associated with the job, and learnt some practical & relevant coping strategies to assist you, your colleagues, & even your family members & loved ones.



WHY is it important?

I value your feedback, as well as it gives me an indication on what area/s were really helpful (& what you may want more of), and what area/s that could be improved – for future the wellbeing of officers in the future!

I’d love your honest feedback…..because too often many people can just tend to think “Oh, my opinions not going to do anything – so why bother?”

Well I’m here to tell you that I want to hear from you, & that your opinion matters! It may not mean much to you, but it could make all the difference for one of your other ‘family members’ (colleagues/mates) down the track!

Mental wellbeing is everybodys responsibility!


NEXT steps to take...

1. Watch the video above

2. Click on the ‘Course evaluation survey’ button just beneath the ‘Quick Course Navigation’ buttons above; to complete the short course evaluation – in order to then be emailed your ‘Certificate of Completion’ (Please allow 7 days).

3. Remember to stay connected by joining the private Facebook group via the button above or here: ‘Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing Program for Emergency Services – Members’ (only if you want to!) 

Remember, this ‘mind’ stuff takes practice!!! It’s like going to a gym & expecting to get a 6 pack after 1 session….it’s not going to happen. You need to work at this. So be sure to keep practicing what you’ve learnt, & return on a regular basis!!!

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