Supporting Emergency Service workers through building stronger mindsets

Module 6 – Lesson 2: Mindfulness


WHAT is in this lesson?

This lesson is all about learning to be in the present moment rather than worrying about the past or future. 

You’ll gain an understanding of mindfulness, as well as learn simple exercises that you can put into place to bring more peace to your inner world.  


WHY is it important?

Being ‘mindful’ has been proven to have enormous benefits to a persons wellbeing – both physically & mentally. 

 Many big corporations, including schools, are introducing & implementing ‘mindfulness’ into their culture to help people learn to gain more by thinking less.

We live in a busy & stressful world, and becoming mindful – allows us to focus on the ‘here & now’ rather than our constant & neverending ‘to do’ lists.



NEXT steps to take...

1. Watch the lesson video

2. Download the lesson workbook in the ‘Lesson Downloads’ section

3. Download the mindfulness activities PDF in the ‘Lesson Downloads’ section & watch the mindfulness activities video

4. Listen to the two (2) audio files of Priscilla Clegg’s – Inner Calm (Relaxation Meditations) in the ‘Quick Resource Links’ section. Schedule in regular times to relax whilst you’re listening to them. 

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