Supporting Emergency Service workers through building stronger mindsets

Module 6 – Lesson 1: Life beyond the uniform


WHAT is in this lesson?

Whether it’s by choice or not, inevitably one day you’ll no longer be doing the job you love.

This lesson helps you recognise your self-worth (and discover that it’s not reliant on the job that you do), be proud of your achievements that you’ve made, as well as steps to discovering your other skills that you’re experienced in (sometimes we can get ‘tunnel vision’ in thinking that we’re only experienced in one area).

This lesson can be a helpful transition to living life after the job. 


WHY is it important?

Quite often, our identity can be wrapped up in the job we do.

This can be dangerous for our mental wellbeing when the time comes to no longer being able to do the job (for whatever reason).  Heard the term identity crisis

A lot of our self-worth can be wrapped up in what/who we identify ourselves as, so in this lesson you’ll realise that you’re more than just the ‘job’ that you do/did.


NEXT steps to take...

1. Watch the lesson video

2. Download & complete the lesson workbook & tables.

3. Download & take your time to complete the ‘Transferable skills’ activity

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