Supporting Emergency Service workers through building stronger mindsets

Module 6: Moving forward

This module serves a few purposes.

Whilst the first lesson has a strong focus on officers that are facing life after the job (which you’ll all eventually be facing at one stage or another); all of the lessons focus on how to feel good emotionally.

Life beyond the uniform has a strong focus on ‘self-worth’, Mindfulness teaches how to focus on the present moment rather than getting ‘caught up’ in our emotions, and the Happiness lesson discusses valuable ways to create internal happiness & therefore sustain it long-term.


Once you’ve completed the three (3) lessons in this module, the Final course notes will provide you with information to obtain your course Certificate of Completion, information regarding advisable steps to take from here on, and a course survey that we’d love for you to give your feedback on – so that we can make any improvements & upgrades for officers in the future. It will also trigger a notification to us so that we can send you your Certificate of Completion, therefore allowing you to claim 8 HOURS of CPD points towards your yearly quota for your profession (if required). 

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