Supporting Emergency Service workers through building stronger mindsets

Module 5 – Lesson 3: Family members & loved ones


WHAT is in this lesson?

This lesson is for both the officer & their family member / loved ones (*age appropriate needs to be taken into consideration – with relation to the content shared).

For many, their family / loved ones aren’t in the job – so don’t fully understand what it’s like. 

This lesson gives them an insight & understanding as to many of your possible behaviours / traits, & some practical tips to help them cope with your working in the Emergency Services.


WHY is it important?

Our family / loved ones are often the ones who tend to experience the fallout of any emotional baggage that we may be subconsciously experiencing as a ‘hazard’ of the job.

Therefore, it’s important that they are given a better understanding of what the job is about, as well as possible emotional feeling that may occur, – so that they can not only prepare themselves, but be on the lookout if you may need some help at some stage. 


NEXT steps to take...

1. Watch the first video

2. Download the blog (as in the first module) – ‘Unless you’ve been there you wouldn’t understand: A Paramedics farewell to the job’.

3. Watch the 2nd & 3rd videos

4. Download & lesson workbook (which contains ‘content’ only, – no activities to complete). 

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