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Module 5 – Lesson 2: Hypervigilance


WHAT is in this lesson?

This lesson discusses what hypervigilance is, as well as what you can do if you notice it starting to become a problem in your life (ie: stopping you or your loved ones from doing things out of fear based decisions).


WHY is it important?

Preventing or avoiding doing things in life out of the fear that something bad may happen, prevents us or loved ones from living life fully.

Allowing your fears to stop you or others from doing certain things, can prevent us / them from enjoying certain activities &/or learning valuable lessons in life. 

By becoming aware of any hypervigilance that you may have, it can allow you to make more rational decisions about activities, & decide whether it’s a fear based decision or a rational decision.


NEXT steps to take...

1. Watch the lesson video

2. Download & complete the lesson workbook 

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