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Module 5 – Lesson 1: Burnout


WHAT is in this lesson?

This lesson explains what ‘Burnout’ is, the signs & symptoms to look out for, the stages, the phases, what contributes to it, residual burnout, as well as things that you can do to help prevent it. 


WHY is it important?

How often do we only recognise something when it seems to be really obvious?

Quite often, there could have been subtle signs for quite some time….but we just weren’t aware of them, or we just assumed they were related to other things /circumstances, & therefore – didn’t think they were a big deal.

When you become aware of what to look out for when it comes to ‘burnout’ – then it can be easier to detect, & deal with it before it can destroy things in it’s path (ie: relationships, physical / mental health, enjoyment of the job etc), it can not only prolong your role within the service – but allow you to create a better work / life balance, as well as maintain your enjoyment & fulfillment of your professional & personal life.



NEXT steps to take...

1. Watch the lesson video

2. Download & complete the lesson workbook

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